About me

I've been making a living out of web development since my first year of college. Currently, I'm a full-stack developer at Finiam, helping our partners untangle the mess of the finance world. I've previously worked at Aurora Digital, helping make digital products in the health care area. We are all friends, so drop us a message if you need consulting services in these areas.

I always considered myself a React and Ruby on Rails developer, but I've been working professionally with way to many things to limit myself to that publicly 😅

I've worked with countless frameworks, libraries and languages, but some of my favorite ones: Next.js, Gatbsy, Eleventy, Elixir (mostly with Phoenix), Node.js (mostly with Express). You can see all of it on my Github profile.

I'm also a JAMstack nerd, so I'm a extensive user of Netlify and Vercel. Serverless functions, static website generators, that sort of things.