About me

I’ve been making a living out of web development since my first year of college. Currently, I’m a frontend engineer at Remote, helping companies employ global talent remotely, all over the world. I work on the payroll vertical, developing internal systems so that our operations team can perform payroll for our customers accross dozens of countri.es

I am a frontend engineer that can also perform some backend duties. I prefer frontend as I’m closer to the product, which is my preferred situation. However I often write backend code whenever I can. At work we use elixir but for freelancing and personal projects I often use meta-frameworks like Next.js, Remix or even svelte-kit to write full stack web apps in Typescript.

I’m a big user and advocate for serverless platforms and tools like Vercel, Deno Deploy, Planetscale, etc and use them all to achieve top notch performance on all my personal work, without sacrificing development experience.

You can see some of my projects on my Github profile.